Thursday , July 18 2024


We have a lot of amazing news to relay here. The Triple Crown is back, but with FIVE event stages for 2024. 

Each regatta segment/stage pays its own purse! Not only that, it pays all the way down though eighth place, with an 8th paying $1200. So if there are 8 boats, everyone wins a purse.
Before you go cursing the day you sold your boat, or the drive seems too long, Yevgeniy may be able to loan you a 470 for the regatta and a few days in advance to allow you to practice. And in the case of the 470s, possibly at no charge! But please arrange this as soon as possible with Yevgeniy.These are good 2015 and 2016 Mackay boats that have been in storage for the last few years (the boats may be available for sale as well). 
Does lodging seem too expensive? They might be able to help you a little there as well (but not free). 
And it gets even better. There is also a choice between two different venues. Oyster Bay Long Island and the Atlantic side of Long Island at the Windmark Foundation, LI Maritime Museum (the Atlantic side has more sea breeze). Please take note that if the regatta event stage is at the Windmark you would be well advised to try find nearby accommodations. It is 45 minutes away from Oyster Bay without traffic. The power boat traffic is too heavy to sail on the Atlantic side on Sundays which is why those event stages are Wednesday-Saturday.
This is a great way to hook up with your mates, make new 470er friends and have a good sporting time to boot. And just so you don’t forget, each weekend has its own purse. Here is a link to the 
Eight boats for full prize purse and six for 50%. Full prize is  1st. $7000, 2nd $4000, 3rd. $3000, 4th through 8th $1200.
2024 Triple Crown Series Schedule:
Stage 1: June 14-16 Friday-Sunday
Stage 2: July 3-6  Wed-Saturday
Stage 3: July 24-27   Wed-Saturday
Stage 4: August 16-18   Friday-Sunday
Stage 5: August 28-31  Wed-Saturday

— OTHER 470 DATES (more info to follow, just save the dates); 
The 470 Lake Michigan Championship sailed out of the Milwaukee Yacht Club as part of the Milw Bay One Design Regatta will be August 10-11
The US 470 Nationals will be sailed out of the Carlyle Sailing Association, Carlyle, Illinois will be October 4-6 
Are you in Michigan?!!! The Michigan Sailing Club has three club boats and four private boats at our club. They really would love to connect with anyone else in the area that may have a boat. Contact Anna Broughton at <>

Note: In order to compete in the US Nationals, North Americans, and Oakcliff Triple-Crown, World Championships, European Championships, and any international regatta, you must be a current and paid member of the USA 470 Class Association.