Friday , December 4 2020

Membership & Dues

Active Members
All persons racing in any sanctioned event must be active and paying members of the US Class Association. Dues are $22 per person per annum and apply to the calendar year (Jan 1 to Dec 31). Membership applies to both the helm and crew, not just the helm/owner of the boat. To reiterate, in order to compete in the US Nationals, North Americans, Miami Sailing World Cup, and Oakcliff Triple-Crown, you must be a member of the class association.

Boat Registration
All racing boats must be registered to the class. New-builds or old, it doesn’t matter. If you own multiple boats, but only intend to race one, you must still register all of your boats. This is a one-time fee of $25. Once registered, you will be issued an official sail number. Please read more under the Sail Number and Boat Registration sections of this website.

Vintage Boat Members
All owners of vintage boats (built before 1999) who are not looking to race in sanctioned events should join as “Classic Members.” Dues are $5 per annum. Your boat registration is covered under these dues.

Any coach who is supporting at a class sanctioned event must join the US 470 Class. Dues are $15 per annum per person. This option will be live in January 2019.

Okay….Let’s Do This!
To join, renew, or register a boat, you must first become a member of Clubspot. This is super easy. Once a member, you will be directed to your membership options. If, for example, you’re already a member of the US I-420 Class, then you probably already have a Clubspot account. Click here to Join, Renew, or Register a Boat!

WAIT! So, I’m confused….what are all the things I must do?
Okay, it might all sound complicated, but it really isn’t. And, we – the USA 470 Class Association – are here to help.

Step 1) Make sure you and your teammate are members of the class ($22 x 2 persons). This is only good Jan-1 to Dec-31 of a given year. If, for example, you like to pay in December, we’ll assume it’s crediting the following calendar year. Don’t worry.

Step 2) Make sure your boat is registered with the class and paid for ($25).

Step 3) Make sure you have a measurement certificate from the builder (such as Mackay Boats).

Step 4) Make sure you have been allocated a USA sail number from the USA 470 Class Association. The USA class will give you new pages #1 and #2 for your measurement certificate.

That’s it!!!!