Saturday , December 5 2020

US Nationals Trophy

The Manton David Scott Memorial Trophy for the US National 470 Championship has been held most years since 1973. Scott, a dedicated 470 racer and Collegiate All-American, was an inspirational leader in small boat sailing in the US. He lost his life in 1973 when, while rigging his 470, his mast touched nearby power lines and he was electrocuted. Friends and family speak highly of the sort of person he was – a vibrant part of the dinghy and 470 community.

As you can see, many results have been lost to time. If you have any information about any previous championships, please email

2019Stuart McNay & Dave Hughes
2018Stuart McNay & Dave Hughes
2017Wiley Rogers & Jack Parkin
2016Wiley Rogers & Jack Parkin
2015Stuart McNay & Dave Hughes
2014Event Not Held
2013Stuart McNay & Dave Hughes
2012Allison Jolly & Dan Goldman
2011Hunter Ratliff & Ian Schappe
2010Brendan Kopp & Michael Costello
2009Allison Jolly & Rachel Silverstein
2008Allison Jolly & Molly O’Brien Vandemoer
2007Allison Jolly & Andres Sumpton
2006Event Not Held ???
2005Kazuto Seki & Kenjiro Todoroki (JPN)
2004Erin Maxwell & Alice Mannard
2003Sven Coster & Kalle Coster (NED)
2002Erin Maxwell & Jen Morgan
2001Kevin Teborek & Tal Ingram
2000Steve Hunt & Michael Miller
1999Paul Foerster & Bob Merrick
1998No Data
1997No Data
1996No Data
1995No Data
1994No Data
1993No Data
1992Morgan Reeser & Kevin Burnham
1991Morgan Reeser & Norm Castle
1990Morgan Reeser & Kevin Burnham
1989No Data
1988No Data
1987No Data
1986Morgan Reeser & Kevin Burnham
1985Morgan Reeser & Kevin Burnham
1984No Data
1983Morgan Reeser & Kevin Burnham
1982Steve Benjamin & Chris Steinfeld
1981Susan Meszaros & Gerard Meszaros
1980Peter Melvin & Fran Charles, Jr.
1979Steve Benjamin & Neal Fowler
1978Steve Cuchiarro & Crew TBD
1977Chuck Millican & Jim Cambell
1976Peter Melvin & Dave Woolsey
1975Dave Ullman & Jack Jakowsky
1974No Data
1973Augie Diaz & Kerry Cochran